Spring Feast 2019 Stall Registration

Step 1: Read the Stallholder Terms & Condition for Guild-affiliated Clubs.

Step 2: Lodge your Stall Registration. Registration Deadline for Guild-affiliated Clubs: 22nd August 2019

  • Note: Submitting your registration means that you acknowledged and accepted the Stallholder Terms & Conditions for Guild-affiliated Clubs

Step 3: The MCW team will send you an email to confirm that your registration has been received, and whether a stall space is reserved for your club or whether your club is placed on a waiting list.

  • This is not a guarantee that your stall has been approved. We have limited space of 18 stalls for Guild Clubs. This means once there are no stall space left, your application will be placed on a waiting list.

Step 4: Once you received the email confirming that your club have been reserved a stall space, you have 14 days from the email date to hand in a withdrawal slip to the Guild Finance office.

  • Note: Every Guild-affiliated Club should have banking books to authorise Guild Finance to withdraw money from their account. If you or your club executives are not aware of this, please contact Guild Finance at finance@guild.uwa.edu.au.

Step 5: Once we have confirmed that Guild Finance has received your complete withdrawal slip, we will send an email to confirm that you have secured a stall space. If after the due date (see Step 4), Guild Finance has not received your club’s complete withdrawal slip, your reserved stall space will be automatically forfeited and given to the next club in the waiting list.

  • Any stall application withdrawn or cancelled after 4pm on Thursday 12th September will not receive any refund on the stall fee.

Step 6: Once you have secured a stall space, you can start sending us your menu plan. Your menu plan will have to be approved by the MCW committee for your club to be able to sell it on Spring Feast.

  • UWA clubs do not have to apply for the City of Perth Temporary Food Vendor permit. All UWA clubs will be able to trade food under the Guild blanket food permit. This also means that all clubs must follow the rules and regulations related to occupational health and safety, including food-handling and food preparation, as set by the City of Perth.

Step 7: Please send us your I’m Alert certificates and your signed City of Perth Environmental Health Guidelines [found here] by the 12th September 2019. Failure to do so may result in forfeiting your bond.

Step 8: A committee member from your club must apply and attend Kitchen Induction (Date TBD. About one to two weeks before Spring Feast) if your club wishes to use the commercial kitchen area provided by the MCW committee. Failure to attend Kitchen Induction will result in your club forfeiting the bond and/or not being able to use the commercial kitchen space provided and trade at Spring Feast.

Step 9: The Spring Feast Stallholder Guide and your stall allocation will be sent out from 27th September 2019.

Step 10: Get ready for Spring Feast 2019!

Click on the link below to start your registration.

I am ready to register (link to T&C)