Spring Feast 2019 Stall Registration

Step 1: Read the Stallholder Terms & Conditions.

Step 2: Lodge your Stall Registration. Registration Deadline: 15th August 2019

  • Note: Submitting your registration means that you acknowledged and accepted the Stallholder Terms & Conditions.

Step 3: The MCW team will send you an email to confirm that your registration has been received, and an invoice will be sent to your e-mail from 15th July 2019.

  • This is not an offer of a stall space, nor a guarantee that your stall has been approved, both of which are subject to further review. We endeavour to not have multiple corporate stalls selling the exact same food items. This means once our committee deemed that enough corporate stalls are selling similar items, your application will be placed on a waiting list. Important Note: Please do not apply for the City of Perth Temporary Food Vendor Permit until the MCW committee have confirmed that you have secured a stall space at Spring Feast 2019.

Step 4: Once you received the invoice, you have 14 days from the invoice issue date to make your payment.

Step 5: Send us a screenshot as proof-of-payment. Once, the MCW committee have checked the receipt of your invoice payment, we will send an email to confirm that you have secured a stall space.

  • Any stall application withdrawn or cancelled after 4pm on Thursday 12th September will not receive any refund on the stall fee.

Step 6: Apply for the City of Perth Temporary Food Vendor Permit.

Step 7: Please send us the receipt for your Temporary Food Vendor Permit by 12th September 2019. Failure to do so may result in forfeiting your stall space and/or stall fee.

Step 8: The Spring Feast Stallholder Guide, permit to enter UWA Ground, and your stall allocation will be sent out from 27th September 2019.

Step 9: Get ready for Spring Feast 2019!

Click on the link below to start your registration.

I am ready to register (link to T&C)